Inspired by the latent language of rugs from Anatolia – especially the “Hands on Hips” motif charged with motherhood, fertility and abundance – Re-pose utilizes the non-verbal language of Anatolian patterns as a means to unburden one’s self through active introspection… 

language without words,

voice without sound,

touch without presence.

Slow, soft, painful – however comforting, therapeutic and regenerating.

The motif provides the structure in which one rests both physically and emotionally. What seems simple on the surface hides a great truth: The care, intention, and labor of a mother.  She weaves together the fundamentals of family.

 Re-pose offers sanctuary for everyone to reflect and recharge by emphasizing the unifying strength of mothers and women.


Ø 5'-5', W 21" 
Steel pipe, shaker tape